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Composite doors Design Window and Door Systems

We are approved stockists and suppliers for three brands of composite doors. Including Premium Solid Core doors, and Foam Filled Doors– which we market as our Standard range.

Our relationships with the manufacturers allow us to sell doors to installers at preferential rates. We offer the entire range from al brands, including hardware, and offer a fast turnaround in manufacturing and delivery. We deliver everything you need to install the door quickly and easily, making sure that your client receives a great product and a great service.

Whichever door you offer your customer, you can be sure of a high level of security as all doors are Secure By Design accredited. Energy efficiency built is built in standard, with A level energy ratings achievable on most doors.

Composite Doors Essex

Premium quality composite door

Premium Solid Core Doors, Design Window Systems, Essex

Design and energy efficiency are two areas that set Solid Core composite doors apart from the rest. For customers looking for a premium quality door to finish off their home décor, the Solid Core door delivers.

Premium Solid Core Doors, Design Window Systems, Essex

The Solid Core door is slightly thicker than standard at 48mm. A solid timber core is covered with 17 cross-bonded veneered laminates to create the finished look. With such a sturdy frame, you can be sure of excellent thermal efficiency in this secure and long-lasting door.

Your customers can choose from:

17 different colour choices – from conventional woodgrain to painted wood.
54 different frame styles – including classic, country and urban collections.
30 glazing options – including bevelled glass, decorative features and frosting.

To view a selection of the door styles available, visit our customer facing Spartan site. For the entire collection and to download the full brochure on our downloads section.

Highest accredited security's

Endurance doors come with the UK’s highest accredited lock system (according to Master Locksmith Association’s ratings). The ATK 3-star diamond cylinder lock protects against lock snapping and forced entry through its multipoint locking design. The solid construction of the door frame adds another barrier to entry.

Find out more about our entire door security options for all door styles.

Our Premium range also comes with a choice of handles to complete the look, including:

Lever Handles - Endurance Doors

Lever handles

Pull Handles - Endurance Doors

Pull Handles

Pull Knobs - Endurance Doors

Pull Knobs

Lever Pad Handles - Endurance Doors

Lever Pads

For the entire range of door hardware and accessories, including letter plates, door knockers, hinges and handles, for every uPVC and composite door range, visit our Door Fittings page.

Standard composite doors

A lower cost alternative to our premium range, we have our Standard range of composite doors available.

Our standard range composite door from our supplier includes affordable quality that they offer, as well as a large and versatile product range. If your customers are looking for a lower cost door, with plenty of choices in terms of colour, size and decorative features, then our Standard Composite door range is just for them.

Standard Foam Filled Doors - Design Window Systems, Essex
Standard Foam Filled Doors - Design Window Systems, Essex

We offer our Standard range in two thicknesses, a basic 44mm and a sturdier 70mm rebate. Customers can choose from a variety of design options to design their own door:

  • A wide variety of colours – including traditional and vibrant paint finishes and woodgrain effect.
  • Different cutaways and glazing options – including double and triple glazing, frosting, bevelled finishes, stained glass and decorative features, such as leading.
  • Flush or rebated panels – including 100% solid panelling
  • Keyless locking
  • Non-standard sizes – such as door-and-a-half, twin doors and side and top panels.
phoenix composite doors

Standard Foam Filled Doors, Design Window Systems
Standard Foam Filled Doors, Design Window Systems
Standard Foam Filled Doors, Design Window Systems
Standard Foam Filled Doors, Design Window Systems
Standard Foam Filled Doors, Design Window Systems
Standard Foam Filled Doors, Design Window Systems

For an overview of the Standard composite door range, visit the Spartan website or see the full range and downloadable brochures on our downloads section.

We are also able to offer a custom colour match service for our Standard composite door range.

Your customers can also receive the custom experience by using the Design a Door app. See our Spartan website  for more details and a customer friendly overview of the Standard composite door range.

We provide multipoint doors locks  as standard on the Phoenix door range and offer a full range of door hardware and accessories, including door handles, knockers and letter plates. Find out more on the Door Fittings web page.


We stock and supply a range of high-quality composite doors including Solid Core and Foam Filled door ranges.

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